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25 Years Quanlity Warranty

For all the products and project from our Easy Link, we all have 25 years quality warranty.
1. Product warranty:
All products of the structured cabling system will be free from defects in material and
workmanship, under normal and proper usage.
2. System performance warranty:
Easy Link will offer 25 years warranty to end user which comply to the qualification as follows:
  Systems have to be registered through an authorized Easy Link installer with Easy Link
approval before starting the installation.
  Systems have to be installed by a certified and professional installer authorized by Easy Link
   All installation records have to be updated and noticed to reflect any maintenance,
movements, additions or changes, etc through certified installer authorized by Easy Link.
The warranties are void if the product has been misapplied, misused, abused, damaged,
or moved without authorization by Easy Link.
   Any warranty claim has to be made by the original certified installer, or the local EASY LINK
distribution, or the local sales representative of EASY LINK within 30 days of the alleged
defect in the system products.
   The end user has the responsibility to have all installation records amended by
containment design, maintenance and installation etc.
   The end user has to provide complete, accurate and true information. EASY LINK reserves all rights to review the above mentioned documents.
   The end user shall provide free access to the system to both the original certified installer and EASY LINK representative.
Our Easy Link have high quality products, high level service. You will get the best service, highest
quality, The last and the most important, you have the hardand infrangible warranty.


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